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We Are Delighted To Be Able To Say
We Manufacture Our "Kindred Spirits" Here In The United States.

I have Imagined And Designed My “Kindred Spirits”
With Completely New, Original Sculpts
Each Has Been Brought To Life By A Very Talented Team
We Couldn't Be More Excited !

Cheryl Crawford


New Dolls Have Been Added
Please Visit The Collections Page For More Information


Fan Art

Nene Thomas recently sent me this lovely portrait of my Fiona as remembered from IDEX 2011. I am honored and thrilled.
When this portrait arrived I had just completed a photo session with Fiona in her corset and pantalettes with a small replica of my own dear little Marnie at her side
to show how this sculpt painted as Eloise would look in a different wig and costume.
A Portent and A Treasure!
Thank You Nene!


October 1, 2012

I Attended the 2012 Modern Doll Convention in Las Vegas. It was our first Modern Doll.

I had the absolute best time. Thank you to the committee and all the volunteers! All the hard work truly showed in the schedule flow, quality and overall warmth and hospitality evident all through the convention.

I hope to be able to attend the next one. I have lived in New England and adore it. So will look forward to returning to old stomping grounds.

I really enjoyed the chance to chat with so many old and new friends.

Thanks to Everyone! .... Cheryl


December 8, 2011

I am moved!

I am in a charming, fairly remote spot just north of Napa about two hours from everywhere I love; San Francisco, the ocean, the mountains and not the least of which – Wine Country.

It is a small community with deer, squirrels, huge winged creatures and the clearest air in all the land. I have plenty of space for my studio, sewing room, and my new “lab” fits perfectly in a room downstairs.

Once I settled in after the move, the color and resin tests began and I am very pleased to announce the resin quality and color turned out as I hoped.

It has been a fabulous adventure experimenting with the resin. All new molds were created and I am delighted with the quality of the resin. The finish is a soft matt with a hint of delicate translucency. The color is also wonderful. Of course, these dolls are all hand made and very slight variations will exist. However I will always try to maintain close color matches within a series and each series will have the color created to best suit the theme, costume and story.

I will have new photographs and descriptions and details for the new production dolls soon and will notify everyone on my Yahoo Group "Secret Garden" List as soon as they are here on the Web Site. So watch for a message or check back here for the new images and details.

Those of you who have contacted me directly will also receive all updates. I know everyone is waiting anxiously and patiently and I truly appreciate that. There has been an overwhelming response. Thank You!

All details, the first dolls, their prices and the reservation/order process will be as complete as possible and will soon be available here on Crawford Manor.

My Thanks to All .... Cheryl


"Kindred Spirits"

Every "Kindred Spirit" has an Exact Physical
Counterpart in the Mortal World

A Muse to Creativity
A Guardian to One who is Loved
An Inspiration to the Imagination
A Hint of Mystery
A Nod to Convention
A Whisper of Scandal
Perhaps, if You are Very Lucky
A Twin Flame

Your "Kindred Spirit"
Will Soon Await You Here


Our "Kindred Spirits" appeal to the discriminating collectors who wish
to add unusual, evocative and unique figures to their collections.

Join us on a journey through lands real and imagined, historical and fanciful,
expressed through the use of these beautifully crafted figures.

Masterworks of sensual and dramatic sculpting, each 21 inch doll
is crafted from the finest translucent polyurethane resin which,
unlike vinyl and porcelain, warms to the touch.

The doll's face sculpt features perfectly proportioned features. The hands
and feet are beautifully sculpted with elegant, realistic fingers and toes.

Each doll is painted to best enhance the style and mood of the theme and
has realistic inset eyes, applied lashes, wig and a costume of great detail.

Our particular attention to scale will enhance her human qualities.

More than a doll, this uniquely conceived figure is a part of a small vignette
representing a unique theme which provides visual interest to this fascinating collection.

Historically accurate styles will blend with fantasy.
A small story will accompany each theme.

Each limited edition vignette will reflect imagination, a romantic spirit
and sometimes, a sense of mystery.


I have developed a blog - “Reflections of a Kindred Spirit”.
It will focus on the creative side of the new “Kindred Spirits”
Please visit and comment.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.
The Links are at the top of this page.


The Secret Garden

Secret Garden Membership

This membership grants you "First To Know" privileges,
a "First Look" at new releases, gifts, special promotions,
contests and exclusive “First Access” to ultra limited editions.

The registration process is easy and is completed in just a few minutes.

Press The Link Below To Begin

Please NOTE! Your name and personal information is for the exclusive use of Crawford Manor Dolls.
It is gathered, used and safeguarded within the strictest accordance of our Privacy Policy.


We want to thank everyone who attended our Victorian Tea at Sandra Stillwell’s Fashion Event in Nashville.
We offered a mini preview of my new doll and the response was overwhelming.
Our refreshments, service and beautiful old Victorian home setting were perfect.

Thank you all who helped make it a lovely affair.


IDEX 2011

We wish to thank everyone who made our first IDEX a wonderful experience.

We enjoyed seeing many familiar faces and were thrilled
at the response to our new resin BJD’s.

We also enjoyed meeting many new collectors and dealers.
All of your feedback was overwhelmingly positive and very informative.

We are already planning for IDEX 2012 and have many new and exciting ideas.

As soon as we contact her, we will announce the winner of our Gift Certificate.

Thank you all again for your continued support and for so enthusiastically
welcoming our “Kindred Spirits” into your lives.

Please check back often for updates and information regarding release dates, prices and other details.


The Collections

- Please Press The Doll's Image To See Each In More Detail -


Our "Kindred Spirits" Are Completely Original Sculpts
They Have Been Imagined and Designed By Cheryl Crawford
And Have Been Brought To Life Here In The United States
We Couldn't Be More Excited !
We Know You Will Be Pleased

The First Limited Edition Themes Will Include:
Victorian, Medieval Fantasy, Steampunk/Gothic Romance,
Asian Lolita Inspired and
A Completely Unique Surprise ...


We thought you would enjoy seeing our Fiona sculpt “Eloise”
in two different wigs and a costume from a much later era.
Is she a young society matron preparing for a evening affaire?
Is she fantasizing about something she read earlier in the day?
Is she remembering an earlier time? Or, perhaps, a Medieval Ghost?
She can be anything you wish.
She is a “Kindred Spirit.”


- To Purchase A Completed Kindred Spirit -

- To Purchase A Completed Kindred Spirit - Please Press The Buy Now On The Desired “Kindred Spirit” Page.
Payments Precessed Through PayPal

- To Reserve/Pre-Order A Kindred Spirit -

Please Press On The Reserve Link On The Desired “Kindred Spirit” Page To Send An E-Mail

Please Include Your:
Full name
Phone Number
You will receive a reservation confirmation by return E-Mail.

The reservation list will also include a “Waiting List” when demand is greater than the available LE number

All Reservations are on a "First Come" basis. Remember, the Editions are quite small.

A Non-Refundable $200.00 Deposit will Reserve your Pre-Order. Final balance plus CA sales tax and shipping is due upon completion. We can invoice you through PayPal when payment is due or we can take a Credit Card over the phone.

If a doll on deposit is cancelled, the deposit will become a "Credit" to be used toward a new doll within 12 months. Please Contact Us prior to purchase if using such a "Credit" and we can invoice you via PayPal. This option is NOT available through our shopping cart and PayPal checkout.
Please See The FAQ Page For Additional Information Regarding Forms Of Payment and Policies


- Kindred Spirits -

“Kindred Spirits” are strung with elastic. The joints are engineered to rotate (with 14 points of articulation) and this, along with the elastic, gives the doll a wonderful lifelike quality when held. The human like flexibility of this figure allows for interesting and realistic poses.

The body has articulation at the neck, shoulders, double jointed elbows and knees, jointed wrists, ribs, hips and ankles. The double joints allow for a higher range of pose ability. The joints are also wired which provides an improved handling quality and helps with posing.

Our dolls are cast as solid resin then drilled to allow for stringing. The head is slightly hollowed to allow access for setting the eyes and anchoring the body cords. The head-cap is held in place with magnets. The resin is then cleaned, sanded, assembled and strung. The body is blushed and the face is painted, sealed, lashes applied and eyes set. The wigs, eyes, costumes and accessories are designed for each edition and are hand crafted with great attention to detail and quality.

The uncannily humanlike soft silicone eyes are set using clear silicone putty.

We use two types of wigs. Handcrafted English mohair hard-cap wigs for the more elaborate period styles and synthetic mohair for the longer styles. The hard-cap wig is a variation of the miniature hardcap wigs used for the past 30 years in smaller scale dolls and 1:12 scale miniature dolls. Stands, props and accessories are included with the doll as indicated in each theme.

Each “Kindred Spirit” is garbed in the most complete, detailed costume possible, using the finest fabrics available and includes an appropriate hairstyle and beautifully scaled accessories such as jewelry, hand painted fans, parasols, animals, vignette items and other enhancements. Fabrics are chosen for the proper scale in weight and design. The designer's original patterns are then carefully designed to fit exceptionally well. This creates a sleek, authentic silhouette. We think you will enjoy the unique results.

The careful uses of scaled fabric, appropriate accessories and the attention to the smallest details have become well recognized signatures of a Crawford Manor creation. We love the challenge in creating great detail in costumes this small.

Inspiration is everywhere. It is found in history and in the purely delightful realm of all things fanciful and mythological.

This is the world we wish to share with you, the collector. Our ladies and gents are often called “Romantic” and we feel this to be one of the nicest compliments we have ever been paid.

These dolls are for adult collectors who wish to add truly unique posing figures to their environment. They are not intended as toys and are suitable for age 14 and above.

Each doll and her accessories will be enclosed in a special box, carefully designed to safely encompass and protect her and her possessions throughout her journey.

Included will be the numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a Romance Card with a Special Story.

Our "Kindred Spirits" will be available through the Crawford Manor Web Site, Select Galleries, Special Events and Conventions.


Body Dimensions

Body Dimensions

Solid Resin
Drilled, Strung & Wired Joints
Silicone Eyes
Magnetic Head Cap

Height - 21” (53.3cm)
Weight - 2 lb (924g)
Head Circumference - 7” (17.8cm)
Wig Size - 6/7
Eye Size - 10/11mm
Neck - 3” (7.6cm)
Bust - 8 3/8” (21.3cm)
Shoulder Back - 3 1/8” (7.9cm)
Shoulder to Wrist - 6” (15.2cm)
Wrist - 1 1/2” (3.8cm)
Waist - 5 1/2” (14cm)
Hip - 8” (20.3cm)
Waist to Floor - 13” (33cm)
Thigh - 4 1/2” (11.4cm)
Ankle - 2” (5.1cm)
Heel Foot Length - 2 1/2” (6.4cm)
Flat Foot Length - 2 1/2” (6.4cm)


When you purchase from Crawford Manor Dolls, you are not purchasing the rights to the idea. The artist reserves the right to reproduce the doll in other forms such as artwork, photographs, etc. Creative rights remain solely and forever with Crawford Manor Dolls and Cavil Designs, LTD.


Victorian - Gothic


Calinda is our "Fiona Sculpt" cast in normal resin. She will arrive with rich brown inset eyes and blonde "English" Mohair hard cap wig.
Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.


A "Victorian" Traveling Costume for Unconventional Ladies

The skirt is ivory lined black silk Dupioni trimmed at the hem with black lace and
pink Swarovski crystals with dark pink under black net bustle.
The skirt is draped up in front to show off her boots
and black lace edged petticoat.
Glass beads in black catch the over draping in tucks and swags.
The fitted jacket and upper sleeves are lined in white cotton.
The jacket over bustle is lined in dark pink to match the bustle.
The jacket laces in front over the corset.
Tiny black lace edges the jacket and bell sleeves.
Tiny pink silk ribbon bows and tassels accent the over bustle.
The fitted plaid corset is also lined in white cotton and laces up the back.
Lace under sleeves tie over her forearms.


Black net stockings.
Short pantelettes.
Petticoat with black lace.


Lace Jabot accented with tiny Swarovski crystals.
Gold drop earrings with matching crystals.
Pocket watch and chain.
Black top hat embellished with ribbons and feathers.
Tall jeweled “Knob Headed” walking stick.

She comes with beautifully fitted black Fingered Gloves.

Her lace up black boots are edged in lace at the top.

PLEASE NOTE: The pleated skirt bench is NOT included. It was used as a prop to show her in a seated pose.

Saddle Stand and Cobblestone "textured" Resin Base Cover.
Signed Certificate and Little Story.
Signed and Dated Head Cap.


"Calinda Rider Verne"

"The Collision of Technology and Romance"

Calinda has vowed to never marry. The only daughter of an absent minded though brilliant man of science, she is not at all the thing.

Her few true friends think her too independent and "blue" for proper society. Sadly her beauty and her money guarantee a steady circle of beaus and sycophants who are more than happy to overlook her lack of proper social position for the possible chance of garnering some of the benefits of that wealth. Calinda is under no illusions. She harbors a secret contempt for this toadyism and forbears their obvious tactics in order to gain access to the more liberated lifestyle enjoyed by the gentlemen of her acquaintance.

Calinda is searching for adventure. She detests simpering, fragile beauties who know nothing of the world and who tremble at the mere mention of foreign lands and native cultures.

Were she to have the opportunity, Calinda would pack her portmanteau and set sail on the next ship to anywhere. Anywhere at all.

As she ponders her future, Calinda remembers something the aunt who raised her once said, "The only limit to your horizon is a lack of imagination. The real adventures are of the mind."

Though her aunt was considered odd and given to flights of fancy, Calinda disregards the notion she was slightly "touched" and admires the woman's daring notions and avant guard lifestyle.

As sometimes happens, a desire is fulfilled and Calinda is about to embark on just such a journey. Her dear departed aunt has arranged it so. Travel plans are underway and that same dear departed lady has sent a bon voyage gift. The simple, plain paper wrapped package, deemed un-noteworthy by the superior personal maid, has ended up in the lower reaches of the train case. A small note, penned in a spidery, bold hand, requests the package remain unopened until the journey has begun. Therefore, no harm is done.

Will Calinda travel the wondrous pathways of history, legend, ancient myth, imagination and romance? Will her adventures take her to the far away lands she has envisioned?

As she stands on the dock, she recalls a favorite author.

“She has halls and she has castles, and the resonant Steam-Eagles, Follow far on the directing of her floating dove-like hand, With a thunderous vapour trailing, underneath the starry vigils, So to mark upon the blasted heaven, the measure of her land.” – Edgar Allan Poe

No, Not Missish At All !

And then, as the great airship approaches the dock, Miss Calinda Rider Verne feels a slight frisson along her spine - almost a sense of reconition.

She Wonders. Do Things And Places Have Souls?

Story by Cheryl Crawford


Victorian Ball Gown


Carmella is our "Fiona Sculpt" cast in normal resin. She will arrive with soft blue inset eyes and blonde "English" Mohair hard cap wig.
Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered blonde brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.


A "Victorian" Ball Gown

The skirt is black silk Dupioni with chiffon and chiffon shadow stripe over drapes and bustle. Black lace edges the skirts.
Glass beads in black and silver catch the over draping in tucks and swags.
Tiny black lace, black silk ribbon bows and red silk hand crafted roses accent the fitted black and silver brocade bodice.
The bodice is lined in silver lame.
Tightly puffed black chiffon cap sleeves are trimmed with tiny black silk ribbon ties.
Tiny black hand twisted cord laces close the back bodice and skirt.

Ivory net stockings.
Petticoat with ivory lace.

Bishop's Mantle:

The "Worth" inspired "Bishop's Mantle" is an incredible, supple black velvet attached to a black embossed silk yoke with black lace appliques on each front and center back.
The high collar is trimmed with black lace.
The yoke front is beaded and delicately traced in black glitter.
Though difficult to see, nesting swags of tiny 15/0 and 18/0 black glass and jet tear drop beads fall from each side.
Twisted and tassel trimmed cords lace up the mantle through silver eyelets to the neck.
The cape is completely lined in silver and silver and a black shadow stripe knit for drape and suppleness.


A hand designed cartouche decorates the closed wooden fan.
Necklace of tiny Swarovski crystal "rubies" and tiny round "pearls" and "pearl" drops strung with 18/0 pearls, matching earrings and bracelet.
Her working and lined reticule is of black and silver brocade accented with black cording, silk bows, tassels and "ruby" embellishments.
Black bows, red silk roses and black plumed hair ornaments for her upswept hair.
She comes with beautifully fitted long black opera length Fingered Gloves.
Her black and silver court shoes are accented with beads, black silk ribbon bows and "rubies" and "pearls".
Her mask fits perfectly and is lined with natural flesh kid leather to protect her face.
The dance card is beautifully scaled and printed inside with spaces for the gentlemen's signatures for each authentic dance.

Saddle Stand and Black and White "textured" Base Cover.
Signed Certificate and Little Story.
Signed and Dated inside her Head Cap.


"The Encounter"

Lady Westerham was impatient to reach home.

The evening had been a disaster. The masked musicale was a complete crush and she would have forgone the affair had it not been necessary to chaperone her sister.

Lord Westerham escorted them to the Wilshire's elegant country home only minutes from London, then tipped his hat at the ladies and coldly announced.

"As you have not spoken to me in several days, Madam, due to some imagined grievance, I shall leave you here. I have no desire to be snubbed in public."

Carmella had bitten back a sharp retort. Then proceeded to have a thoroughly miserable evening. Imagined indeed! He had been seen in the company of that actress and....

The carriage swayed over the ruts, jolting Carmella into the present. They suddenly stopped amid a loud clatter and commotion in the road. Her sister peered through the side curtain. "A highwayman! We shall be killed!"

Carmella shushed. "Nonsense, Silvie. These roads have been free of bandits for ages. And if you faint on me, I shall pack you off to Aunt Phoebe!"

The carriage door swung open and a voice in the darkness beyond commanded. "If madam will alight, I will have a word."

A ruby cravat pin glinted in the side lantern. At Silvie's gasp, Carmella shot her sister a warning glance, and stepped out into the night. As her feet touched the road, Carmella shrugged free of his hand. "Remove your mask Sir! I will put countenance to voice."

His smile was white as he swept a deep bow. "A thousand pardons for my intrusion. But I would have a waltz."

Carmella was in a high temper. Cheeks flushed and eyes bright, she countered. “What? Now, in the middle of the road? With someone who is a stranger to me? You must be mad Sir!"

He moved near and whispered. "I have only recently become a stranger Madam."

Carmella hissed, "This is beyond anything! You have terrified Sylvie, and frightened ten years out of James. And for what, pray?"

As he drew her into his arms, he replied. "For a waltz and to ask your pardon for my small flirtations. They are of no importance. For you are a thief, and have stolen my heart."

He gathered her closer. "Am I forgiven, my love?"

Carmella gazed into his eyes and knew he was wrong. For it was he who had stolen hers. Again. She nestled against him and sighed. "I suppose we should return home my lord? I, for one, wish to thank Jenkins."

His Lordship was bewildered. "Why ever would you wish to thank my valet?"

Her Ladyship smiled. "For his choice of cravat pin of course."

With a sigh, Silvie let the curtain fall and hoped to someday find a romance such as theirs.

Story by Cheryl Crawford


White Peacock


Bianca is our “Reiki Sculpt” cast in pale resin. She will arrive with hazel inset eyes and black “English” mohair hard-cap wig.

Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.


“Art Deco” Inspired

Shades of White Chiffon Godet Gown
Artist Designed Double Peacock Bodice Applique


White Net Stockings
Lace TrimmedTap Pants


Feathered Lace Headpiece
Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings of gold chains and “pearls”
A Hand Crafted Feathered Fan
Pleated Chiffon Bag
Net Tasseled Wrap
White Peacock
Beaded Heeled Slippers

Saddle Stand and Black and White "textured" Base Cover.
Signed Certificate and Little Story.
Signed and Dated inside her Head Cap.


"White Peacock"

“They were smart and sophisticated, with an air of independence about them,
and so casual about their looks and clothes and manners as to be almost slapdash.
I don't know if I realized as soon as I began seeing them that they represented the wave of the future, but I do know I was drawn to them.
I shared their restlessness, understood their determination to free themselves of the Victorian shackles of the pre-World War I era
and find out for themselves what life was all about.”

Colleen Moore


"The Faery Ilsanore"


Ilsanore is our “Fiona Sculpt” cast in light “fae” resin. She will arrive with green inset eyes and styled synthetic mohair wig.

Her Esthetics include charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows,
pale lips, natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.
Ilsanore has carved fae ears.


Ilsanore’s costume is a study in shimmering gold.

This 14th Century inspired gown is in two parts.
The slim fitting gown known as a “cotehardie” of golden jersey has fitted upper sleeves that have been laced along the outer seam.
The long three layer hanging sleeves are attached to the upper sleeves using tiny gold beads, pearls and emerald glass beads.
The sleeves have been embellished along the edges with emerald crystals and pearls.
Narrow pointed sleeves cover the forearm and lace closed.
The overgown, known as the “surecoat”, is of sheer gold on gold striped knit with beaded design of emerald crystals and pearls along the hem and neckline.
The seams are laced together with gold thread.
Both gowns flow into long trains at the back.
Both gowns lace up the back.


Lace up golden unmentionables.


Gold chain hip belt or “girdle” with beaded, jeweled bag and chatelaine.
Her staff was hand crafted and contains a clear crystal orb.
Golden lace-up heeled sandals.
Delicate chain and medallion necklace with gold drops and “Emerald” crystals.
Golden drop earrings.
Head piece adorned with tiny emerald crystals and pearls.


This vintage little horse has been transformed into the pale Unicorn Pengalleon.
He has applied mane and tail, chin whiskers and fetlock feathers.
His hooves are felted.

Saddle stand & Stand Base Cover depicting the "Forest Floor".
Signed Certificate and Little Story.
Signed & Dated Inside Head Cap


"Pengalleon's Shadow"

The stark branches closed in on the narrow path. Ilsanore had come too far.

Her act of defiance, meant to frighten her father, appeared to have placed her in a most unhappy position. She was hopelessly lost. She peered back along the twisted path. A well traveled game trail, it branched in a dozen directions, each leading to some hidden den of safety. None would serve her this day. Oh, if she had but held her temper. Perhaps tried to reason once again with that most implacable of men and the one who controlled her future. A difficult father and a headstrong daughter. Twas bound to be a clash of wills. And in matters of the heart...well, enough said.

She spied a hassock sized stump tucked under the willows and safely off the little path. As she settled her skirts around slightly quavering knees, the heat of temper cooled and a chill reality seeped into her bones. Dark of night approached and nary a light had she to find the homeward path nor to chase the night away. As her breathing quieted and her heart thrummed rather than thumped, the tiny forest floor scurries and leaf top whispers captured her imagination. Each lengthening shadow approached with menace and as the canopy of clouds ran the gamut from gold through crimson to deepest purple, the stars flung themselves across the skies. Their feeble light was fit only for wishes and dreams. The only certainty in her life at that moment was the knowledge she would never return to the future her father planned. Never!

Ilsanore sensed rather than heard the soft footfall at the end of the path. Tense as a bowstring and poised for flight had she but known where to flee, she quivered as a shadow separated itself from the forest. One tentative step after another brought it near. Her eyes ached in the gloom and as if a babe once more, she closed them tight, imagining no harm could befall her if eyes were closed against it. As the unbearable tension stretched her nerves to nearly breaking, a soft breath stirred her hair and warmed her cheek. Her fear slowly drifted away on the earthy, pungent smell of grass and flower filled meadows.

He had watched her approach. Wondering, once again, if his time in perdition might be at an end. If this maid might be the one for whom he waited. She was a fair one, though he sensed a tangle of emotions wrapped in a temperish spirit. He only knew, the spell would be broken when the chosen maid would forsake all she held safe and dear, for him.

Ilsanore cautiously opened her eyes. The shadows had deepened, yet the pale beast before her was gently outlined in starlight. He was a beautiful creature. If she had gone mad, then twas a glorious madness. She raised a tentative hand and as if invited, the sleek horned head ducked beneath and warm mahogany eyes captured questioning emerald eyes. All the night sounds ceased. A question was asked, there in the dimly lit forest and though not a word was spoken, it was answered.

So it was, in the early dawn, when dreams are most often answered, a slim fae maid in shimmering gold, and a tall lad in white leather, walked hand in hand out of the shadows and into a flower filled meadow.

And if one looks closely, just as the stars peek out of the heavens, the graceful though fleeting shadow of a white unicorn can be seen at the very edge of our dreams.

Story by Cheryl Crawford


"Renaissance Romance"


Gwendolyn is our “Fiona Sculpt” cast in pale resin. She will arrive withdeep blue inset eyes and styled synthetic mohair wig.

Her Esthetics include charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, pale lips, natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.


This 15th Century inspired costume consists of a rich gold velvet overskirt, over a high waisted brocade under gown of pinks, lavenders and golds.
The gown bodice and skirt front have been beaded with tiny glass pearls and crystals.
The lavender chiffon puffed sleeves are banded with beaded and jeweled matching brocade.
Both gowns flow into long trains at the back.
Gowns laces up the back.


Lace up ivory batiste unmentionables.


The velvet head band has been beaded with glass "pearls" and crystal amethysts and gems. The rushed back band is accented with a pink net veil.
Necklace is a jeweled pendant on a double strand of tiny glass pearls spaced with tourmaline gems and matching earrings.
Deep pink crystal and pearl ring.
Small book on cord loop.
Beaded bag and jeweled feathered panel fan on golden chains.
Beaded slippers

Saddle stand & Stand Base Cover depicting a "Stone Floor".
Signed Certificate and Little Story.
Signed & Dated Inside Head Cap


"An Bron Binn - Sweet Sorrow"

For as long as any could remember, the house of Kenyard wed into the house of Brundage. The families lands marched along the border and each deemed it wise to combine their fates. As vassals to a zealous and grateful king, their wealth was great, and therefore worthy of arduous protection. Thus it was, Gwendolyn Kenyard, awaited the arrival of Godfrey Brundage, her betrothed, and a man she had never met.

Promised at birth, they were to meet for the first time this day. Her nervous fingers plucked at the marriage gown, lovingly sewn by her mother and aunts. Those same ladies who, as many before had, in the absence of husbands and sons, governed in their names and were often called upon to defend their castles and homes. The words of her grandmother, Lady Alice, when faced with troops poised to take her castle were often retold, even today, though the crusades were finally at an end, "I will not leave possession of this castle to die therefore; and if you begin to break the peace or make war to get the place of me, I shall defend me. For rather I in such wise to die than to be slain when my husband cometh home, for he charged me to keep it." Gwendolyn might have smiled at the brave words, were she not closer to tears.

Gwendolyn felt the shivers slide up her arms at the venomous whisper, "He is a broken, wreck of a man, I tell you!" One might almost hear pleasure in the elder girl's voice. Though married and settled into her husband's home, Eloise was still envious of her cousin's impending marriage into a far finer family. She relished the gossip, "I have it from old Bekka. He will inherit and so honors the bargain, but twill be a sad day for you cousin. He must be a fright under all those rags if he'll allow none to tend him."

Gwendolyn crossed to the mullioned casements and flung them wide. She tried not to snap, for kin was kin, but Eloise was a trial to the best of natures. "It matters not. For I must also honor the bargain. The best men of this whole world have gone off to serve the king. Those who return deserve our most tender care," Then, so softly, "And nothing matters now, for he has gone forever." Before Eloise could speak again, she was briskly waved away. "I will be alone now. Fetch me when he arrives."Gazing across the courtyard, Gwendolyn noticed her betrothed's magnificent stallion.

The crescent shaped blaze struck a cord of memory and she sighed from the depths of her soul, for long ago, her heart had been stolen by the rider of a similar animal. The day had been fair and she enjoyed an unimpeded view from her hidden vantage point in the tree. As yet undiscovered, she closely watched the tall lad as he schooled his new colt. So rapt was she that her balance was lost and she tumbled from her perch and rolled under slashing hooves. By the god's good graces did she miss a sound trampling. Tall and brave, with wind tossed wheaten hair, he pulled her from harm..... and took possession of her heart and soul, then and there. Never mind the tongue lashing, "That will teach you to spy. Take care, for you may see more than you bargained." His rude handling mattered not as the wind wrapped her loosened dark tresses about them both. Then his grass green eyes laughed and in her eyes he was a young hero. One who was called to war, as had been all the others. Never to be seen again.

Amidst the clatter of wheels and hooves in the yard, rose the welcoming herald and she knew it was time. She reached the chamber door and swept past the startled Eloise and down the stairs before her cousin could utter a word. The great hall was bursting with good cheer. Her ailing father was trying his best to see this longed for day to its end. She could do no less than uphold his honor. With a gentle embrace, she whispered through her veil, "Dear Sir. You are soon to be rid of me?" His strong voice belied the wasted, pain racked frame, "Only to see you settled and safe before I die." She forced a smile, "And what of love?" Dark eyes gazed deeply into her own and his reply was almost lost in the din, "That will follow, my child." She darted a quick glance across the hall. Lord Brundage was head and shoulders above the crowd. Swathed in tunic and robes and with visage wrapped in silk, he made an imposing sight.

She knew she would make a good wife, but wondered what manner of man was he? Did wounds fester in his heart as well? The old lord gathered her hand and drew her toward the waiting groom. Head modestly bowed, she trembled as the tall lord took her hand. As they approached the clergyman, she darted a quick glance at his face. What was under the wrapping? She thought she heard a low chuckle rumble deep in his chest. What amusement did he find this day? The silk had slipped and rather than gaping wounds, she saw only the edge of a well healed scar.

The couple neared the torchieres and in the light his eyes turned green as new grass. Gwendolyn faltered. She boldly reached up and gently caressed his ravaged cheek. Her whispered, "Your wound?" was answered by his curt, "Beware my little spy, for you may see more than you bargained."

After one heartbeat, she replied, "Yes, perhaps I might."

Original Story by Cheryl Crawford




Arlith is our “Fiona Sculpt” cast in transluscent pale resin. She will arrive with palest blue inset eyes and styled hard cap wig.

Her Esthetics include charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, pale lips, natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.


The ivory Dupioni silk gown is fully lined.
The bodice laces in back.
The skirt hem has been appliqued with lace and ties at the back waist.
The back lace flounce attaches to the skirt with ties and naturally forms the bustle.
The upper sleeves lace in place and are cut out and beaded and slightly glittered.
The lower “Pagoda” sleeves are three layers of pleated silk, lace and chiffon.
The bodice is trimmed in glass "pearls", and has a lace applique accented with silk roses, ribbon and glass pearls.


Ivory lace trimmed pantalettes and petticoat.
Ivory stockings.


Her necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring were created from silver wire, fillagree findings, glass “pearls” and “pearl” drops and AB glass crystals.
Her ivory lace trimmed wedding heeled shoes are embellished with pearls and glitter.
Silver folded fan.
Rare vintage silk Illusion was attached to a small lace cap.
The double veil adds to her spectral quality.
She carries a blood splattered sword.

Saddle stand & Stand Base Cover depicting a "Castle Floor".
Signed Certificate and Little Story.
Signed & Dated Inside Head Cap.


"Even Hell Hath No Greater Fury - Than That Of A Woman Scorned"

Clivey Castle - circa 1878

Arlith was wed in ivory silk and lace .... pearls and diamonds.
They say she discovered him with his lover.
Some thought she must have suspected and planned the horrible deed.
Others said she must have used a sword of some type - though none was ever found.
How else could that delicate lady cause such monstrous harm?
They were discovered next day and the young Lady Clivey went mad .... so they say.
She was never charged with the crime.
A cousin from India inherited it all and allowed her to live alone in the upper tower of the castle until her death in 1958.
She is still seen in the upper hall....
And as she floats gracefully across the stone floor, some can hear a sliding, dragging metallic sound.
If ... one can believe what is said.

Original Story by Cheryl Crawford


"The Wedding Vardo"


Verushka is our “Fiona Sculpt” cast in normal resin. She will arrive with golden brown inset eyes and styled synthetic mohair wig.

Her Esthetics include charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, deep wine red lips, matching manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.


Verushka's costume is a blend of reds, chosen to lend a Persian flair to the costume and to signify her wedding day.
A tiered skirt constructed of black and multi paisley, gold and black paisley and gold and black "shadow" patterned fabrics. Crystals and other gems have been applied to the patterned tiers.
Skirt ties at the back waistband.
The black velvety corset has been trimmed with artist created twisted cord and red crystals and gold glass beads.
It is laced, front and back over a full sleeved ivory lawn half chemise.
The chemise neck is drawn over a tiny cord and it laces closed in front.
Twisted cords wrap around the sleeves.


Black net stockings.
Lace up unmentionables.
Lace trimmed ivory petticoat with tie closure.
Petticoat attaches to the skirt so it will follow the lines when skirt is lifted for the dance.


Black net hip shawl.
Gold chain hip belt with beaded, jeweled bag, knife and jeweled sheath.
Her tambourine was hand crafted and contains five pairs of cymbals inserted into the frame and is trimmed with red and black silk ribbons.
Her red chiffon scarf has been edged in gold and tiny golden sequins
and may be arranged over her head or carried as desired.
Her favorite tarot cards are always close at hand.
Black lace-up heeled boots.
Delicate chain and medallion necklace with gold coins and red drops.
Golden hoop earrings.

Saddle stand & Stand Base Cover depicting the "Forest Floor".
Signed Certificate and Little Story.
Signed & Dated Inside Head Cap


"The Gypsy in My Soul"

He wondered if she would be there. As he stepped from his carriage, a small boy with oiled curls slipped to his side. Bending from the waist and sweeping the ground with his cap, he declared, "SASTIPE," the ancient Gypsy greeting meaning "Good Luck and Good Health." The lad scrubbed thoughtfully at his nose with a grubby fist." I would guide you to the delights of the fair Good Sir. And, should you feel so kindly disposed as to deposit a farthing for my trouble..." With a bright smile he proffered his upturned cap and regarded the finely turned out Gentleman with a mischievous gleam in his dark eyes. The Gentleman dismissed the urchin with a sharp gesture and the lad shrugged indifferently. It had been worth a try and there would be others this fine day who would need his services. There always were.

He watched the tall, elegant gent through narrowed lids. Foolish Gajo! Another one with her blood in his veins.
Verushka was like poison to some of them. Pity he was too late.
Her wedding vows would be done by now.

Colin Pembrooke, Earl of Glouster, was not a patient man, and at the moment, his temper was very short indeed. His need for a matched foursome of Grays was all that led him here. At least, that was his excuse this time. It has been said, every horseman in the world can be found at Appleby Fair. During the two weeks of the fair, Gallows Hill is thronged with Gypsies and horses are everywhere... in the river, on its banks, along the green, on roadsides and lanes, or even tethered outside shops and public houses.

The ownership of a horse could, by wheeling and dealing, change several times throughout the course of the Fair and sales were usually clinched with a slap on the hand, after a one-to-one bartering.

He was distracted by the memory of flashing golden brown eyes and pomegranate lips.

He seemed to be surrounded by the lilting strains of many violins and the faraway strumming of a flamenco guitar and boot heels tapping rhythmically, all accompanied by the sharp clicking of lively castanets. These sounds mingled with the echo of voices urging, "Cross my palm with silver, kind sir," or "Luverly sprig o' fresh heather for luck, my fine lady?"

And then to further plague him, the familiar song...

“I took to the road on my good chestnut mare - On my way from the lakes down to Appleby Fair - My world and my wealth on my back as I rode - And a song for the pony to lighten her load - On horseback through Kendal from bright Windermere - To meet with my kind as I do every year - For a drink and a wager and a song heard but once - And a warm whispered promise in the heat of the dance:”
Oh, it wasn't her eyes, though I'm sure they were fair - And it wasn't her face, and it wasn't her hair - But her way with the horses was subtle and fine - And she rode like a centaur, and she had to be mine - I made conversation and compliments paid - And I was well content with the answer she made:

"Come to my wagon late when the fires are low, I'll tell you what this gypsy knows --
Your horse and mine both tethered near:”
”Come to me, Come to me- Come to me, my dear."
Excerpt From a Song by Talis Kimberley

The final strains of the guitar faded away and, as if drawn by magic, the tall, bewitched man stared across the fires and caught a glimpse of the glorious, raven haired creature as she stood just for a moment in the decorated doorway of a wedding vardo.

Intense blue eyes caught flashing gold just as a dark male arm pulled her close and her smile was the last thing he saw as the curtain fell.


Spring Fancy - Bo Peep Re-Imagined



Spring is the "Reiki Sculpt" cast in pale resin.
She will arrive with soft green inset eyes and white Tibetan Lamb hard cap wig.
Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.

The gown of three layers in shades of rose, blush and ivory.
Soft blush netting under gown.
Deep rose "Cherry Blossom" patterned gown.
Ivory netting over gown embroidered with roses and pale green vines.
The over gown has been swagged and gathered with delicate twisted cord
tasseled ties and hand crafted silk ribbon roses.
The gown has hand twisted shoulder lacings.
Satin brocade corset and upper sleeves.
The upper sleeves are cut out and are embellished with "pearl" drops.
The corset has hand applied deep rose "Swarovski" crystals
and tiny glass "pearls" and laces up the front.
Layered blush and netting ruffles form the lower sleeves.
The sleeves are laced over the arms and laces continue down the arm to the wrist.

Ivory lace up “Subligaculum” unmentionables.

Silver sandals.
Cream "straw" hat accented with organza ribbons and silk roses
and lined in green and cream stripes.
Silver walking stick with green and rose cords and green tassels.
Silk rose and corded bow hair ornaments.
Silver necklace and earrings accented with tiny rose "Swarovski" crystals,
hand crafted iridescent green drops and "pearl" drops.
A pink satin brocade bag and silver dagger hang from her waist.

Wooly ram with silver bell.

Saddle Stand. Certificate and Little Story.


"Little Bo-Peep"

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep,
And can't tell where to find them;
Leave them alone, and they'll come home,
Wagging their tails behind them.

Little Bo-Peep fell fast asleep,
And dreamt she heard them bleating;
But when she awoke, she found it a joke,
For still they all were fleeting.

Then up she took her little crook,
Determined for to find them;
She found them indeed, but it made her heart bleed,
For they'd left all their tails behind them!

It happened one day, as Bo-peep did stray
Unto a meadow hard by--
There she espied their tails, side by side,
All hung on a tree to dry.

She heaved a sigh and wiped her eye,
And over the hillocks went rambling;
And tried what she could, as a shepherdess should,
To tack each again to its lambkin.


Eloise - Medieval Ghost

Eloise Is Sold Out


Eloise will arrive with soft green inset eyes and styled synthetic mohair wig.
Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.

Ivory chiffon double layer skirt.
Silver edged ivory brocade “pair of bodies” corset with laces.
Ivory “Puffed” chiffon sleeves wrapped with silk ribbons ending at wrist.
Outer robe of softest micro suede. The robe has been hand stenciled in silver
and embellished with round glass “pearls” and clear crystals.
Miniature chenille “fur” edging and puffed sleeves complete the robe.

Ivory net lace up camisole.
Net stockings.
Lace up “subligaculum” unmentionables.

Beaded Slippers
Matching ivory brocade cap accented with silver beads and "pearls".
Creamy chiffon veil.
Necklace and earrings of ornate silver filigree accented with tiny "diamond"
crystals and "pearls".
A hand crafted pleated fan and silver pomander to hang from her laces.

Designed and handcrafted by the artist to resemble aged and weathered stone.

Mandolin in a velvet lined case.
Red Rose.
Saddle Stand with Stone Base Cover.
Certificate and Little Story.

Mandolins evolved from the lute family in Italy during the seventeenth
and eighteenth centuries, and the deep bowled mandolin,
produced particularly in Naples, became common in the nineteenth century.
The original instrument was the mandore,
which evolved in the fourteenth century from the lute.
Over time and as the instrument spread around Europe,
it took on many names and various structural characteristics.


"The Winter Rose"

She was brought to England by a 15th Century Lord of the manor. A restless man with a sense of adventure and a keen mind, Lord Aldous discovered her in the household of his host, Caliph Omran. The child of English parents, she was the sole survivor of a shipwreck and as far as was known, had never spoken a single word. An avid chess player, the Caliph noted his guest's interest and wagered the girl upon a single match. Not yet a member of the Harem, and merely a gifted musician, it amused the Caliph to be generous. From the day of his winning match, Aldous would call her Eloise, his rose. So it was, this delicate girl finally returned to her native country where she remained in his home until her mysterious disappearance many years later.

Richard was home to stay. His privateering days and an ample reward from his good Queen Bess afforded the young Lord a comfortable living. His estates needed his attention. The maze was a tangle of overgrown hedge and he doubted the grounds keepers had touched it in years. As Richard neared the entrance, faint music drifted through the early evening air. Heads would roll if the servants had turned his maze into a trysting place! The way through the puzzle was an old memory, never forgotten and he rapidly approached the center. The damp spring air caused dewdrops to rain on his cloak like tears. His brow furrowed. It was an odd time of year to be cavorting in the open.

The soft, dulcet notes were of some unknown tune. Yet he felt a sense of recognition. He would vow it was a mandolin. His heart quickened as he stepped into the clearing and shuddered as the air suddenly warmed about him. She was seated on the old stone bench. Her head was bent over the delicate instrument in complete concentration. Richard was stunned! And the sense of knowing not only the tune, but the lady as well was overwhelming. Then he remembered the legend. His nurse had comforted him in the night with tales of the old Lord and his beautiful exotic ward. As his mind grasped at those tales, she suddenly looked up and opened her beautiful lips as if to speak. She stood, stepped in his direction, pointed toward the turret and vanished.

All that remained was a single red rose. Richard would return to that enchanted place each night for many weeks. His household thought him daft, and his desperate hope to see her again was in vane, for she never returned. Many years later, as he was recounting the tale to his son, he remembered the turret.

Her portrait now hangs in the Great Hall. For almost a century it lay hidden in a dark tower, gathering dust and cobwebs and darkening with age, until unearthed by a smitten 16th Century Lord who knew all he would ever have of her was a legend and her exquisite image rendered in pigment on canvas. She is a beautiful, mysterious creature. Her mandolin in her arms and a look of such wisdom and longing it nearly breaks the heart.

In the center of the old maze there grows an ancient red Persian rose. It blooms but once a winter and only for a single night.


Victorian Romance

Moira Is Sold Out


Moira will arrive with soft blue inset eyes and styled “English” mohair hard cap wig.
Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.

Lined ivory ruffled skirt.
Over skirt of chiffon ruffle trimmed netting. Poofed and bustled with black silk bows and black and ecru twisted cord accents.
Skirt and over skirt have a set on waist band and tie in back.
Fully lined Dupioni silk lace up bodice.

Ivory lace trimmed petticoat and pantalets.
Ivory net stockings.
Black "Victorian" walking shoes.

Ivory "straw" hat accented with organza ribbons and flowers and
lined in black and cream stripes.
Matching parasol with carved bone elephant handle.
Bead and ribbon necklaces and "pearl" drop earrings.
A black net shawl.

Hand painted solid resin dog with
hand applied "English" mohair "fur.

Saddle Stand.
Certificate and Little Story.


Moira "Darling"

Gordon had been searching for her all morning. Their argument last evening had been foolish but his stubborn pride had prevented an apology. The superior butler stated she was "Not at home." When pressed he admitted she had taken the little one for a walk. "What little one?" Gordon had demanded of a closed door. Bewildered, he tried her favorite places. She was nowhere to be found. There only remained the gazebo. As he approached, her soft voice stopped him cold. "Darling," she sighed. "I thought I knew him. He was odious. He was so dictatorial and demanding. What shall I do? I fear our marriage would be a terrible mistake." He listened as she crooned and nuzzled this, this usurper, until he could no longer stand it.

With squared shoulders and the glint of battle in his eyes he marched into the gazebo. He would lay out his rival cold on the hard ground! He was momentarily at a loss to see Moira, seated on the bench. Alone! The wind summarily removed from his sails, he simply stood there. Moira's, "You startled us!" was echoed by a small yip. It was then he noticed two tiny brown eyes peering at him over the folds of her dress. She stood, cradling the puppy. The hostile sparks in her blue eyes and determined set of her mouth boded ill. Wits collected, he approached her. "This must be the little one about which your butler spoke."

Gordon stretched out a large tanned hand. The puppy wriggled to be free and as soon as Moira placed it on the ground it danced around his legs and begged to be held.

He scooped it into his arms. "I wish to apologize for my behavior. And please don't disappear again?"

Her tone softened. "Is that an order Sir? For I have to tell you, I am not a member of your light brigade. And, though you are used to issuing orders, I do not take them! You might as well know this now Gordon, before we are wed."

He placed the little dog in her arms and gathered her close. "I would issue one last order, my love. You must love me always." She yielded, "That is one order I shall always obey."

He offered his arm, "Shall we go, darling?"

Upon hearing its name, the little dog looked from one to the other, snuggled between them and promptly fell asleep.


Isabeau - "Lady" Navarre


Isabeau will arrive with soft blue inset eyes and styled synthetic mohair wig.
Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.

The gown of three layers is a blend of two shades of "French" blue
attached to a fine silver mesh under gown and braided shoulder straps
with "silver" glass beads and silver wire loops.

Soft pale blue netting undergone.
“French” blue micro suede paneled overgown.
Each panel was individually gilded along the edges and then assembled using silver and iridescent glass beads at intervals down the length of the gown.
The panels and over sleeves were embellished with a floral vine design using
extremely fine veins of silver glitter and tiny glass beads.
The sleeves are laced over the arms and an embellished forearm sleeve is also laced to continue down the arm to form a point over the wrist.

The only actual seams sewn on the gown are in the underskirts.
All the seams in the over gown, sleeves and velvet panels were joined
using silver glass beads.

Silver net stockings with silver lattice design.
Ivory lace up “subligaculum” unmentionables.

Matching blue slippers and headpiece accented with silver beads,
cording and "pearls".
Necklace and earrings of ornate silver chain accented with tiny "pearl" drops.
A jeweled ring.
A Chatelaine consisting of ring, two keys and small silver bell.

Hand carved and cast in resin.
Hand painted and feathered.
He attaches to her arm with tiny leather "jesses".

Certificate and Little Story.


"Ever After"

It is said a curse can beget a blessing. Of course what may be considered a blessing by one may also be considered to be a curse by another. Two lovers separated by fate and the jealous spite of an evil soul are reunited.

They endured and persevered, thereby astonishing us with the potential to live happily ever after.

The Lady Navarre was much loved and would soon learn she was with child.

As is the way with such things, Isabeau and Etienne would be allowed peace and happiness for a time and then the lingering tendrils of the curse would reappear to wrap them in darkness and sadness once again. As her time grew near, Isabeau felt a mystifying and at times unsettling forboding. All about her, the happy preparations for the child were underway. The land was at peace and none were allowed to suffer starvation under the Navarre banner. No, the unsettled feelings were in Isabeau. She was at a loss. How to explain to her beloved? Was she going mad? Small changes in the behavior of her dear hawk Mercuria reflected these shadowed emotions. For the hawk was well attuned to her mistress' moods. Even her confessor, Father Imperious shared her misgivings. He sought answers from the stars and from the heavens. None were revealed.

Her time was at hand. Isabeau's confinement was a difficult one and the household waited as if one. Etienne demanded assurances from the good Monk and of course none could be given. All those within earshot shuddered. What would become of the man should his beloved not survive the birth. "Uncle" Philipe fled to the high ramparts. A storm raged about the hall and the raw elements mirrored the emotions within. Father Imperious joined him and as they stood together high above the hall, the bleak skies and torrential rain seemed to increase the dread in their hearts.

The nurse brought the child to the hall. All was silent until she laid the wee one in Navarre's arms. A lusty cry and the waving about of a tiny fist broke the silence and everyone started to speak at once.

As yet there was no sound from the confinement room and nurse and new father locked eyes. What Etienne saw reflected within hers broke his heart. He handed her the babe and went to his wife.

On the dark ramparts above, the storm seemed to pause. Philipe and Father Imperious knew in the same instant their Isabeau was gone. They wondered if the crying babe below would ever know what was sacrificed in order that it might live.

The child was born a girl and was, in image, like her mother.
In spirit, she was much like another.

And so, the story will continue with "Deirdra" -
The next "Kindred Spirit" in the series.


Elizabeth Tudor - Reigned 1558-1603


Elizabeth will arrive with soft green inset eyes and styled synthetic mohair hard cap wig.
Her Esthetics include soft charcoal shadowed eyes, feathered dark brows, shades of rose lips, a natural manicure/pedicure and softly blushed body.

Lined red brocade skirt with set on waistband. Ties in the back.
Brocade bodice with glass pearl edging and gold filigree jeweled ornaments.
Dupioni silk under sleeves with pearl beading and lace wraps.
Red velvet cropped jacket with slashed & puffed sleeves.
Sleeves are edged with glass pearls and the jacket ties closed using a red silk ribbon through gold filigree clasps.
A full ivory lace standing ruff edges the jacket neckline.
Skirt waist band, bodice, under sleeves & jacket are lined with creamy batiste to protect the resin.

Lace net stockings accented with teal crystals and tasseled draw cords.
Lace up “Subligaculum” unmentionables.

Feather panel fan & beaded bag. Fan and bag attach to waist band with golden hooks.
Embellished court shoes.
Velvet cap.
Hair bow ornament.
Necklace and earrings of ornate gold filigree accented with tiny "ruby" crystals and "pearls".

Wooly ram with silver bell.

Saddle stand & stand base cover depicting the "Old World" maps of the era.
Signed Certificate.


"Elizabeth Tudor"

Elizabeth I - the last Tudor monarch - was born at Greenwich on 7 September 1533, the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.

Elizabeth succeeded to the throne on her half-sister's death in November 1558. She was very well-educated, fluent in six languages, and had inherited intelligence, determination and shrewdness from both parents.

Although autocratic and capricious, Elizabeth had astute political judgement and chose her ministers well; these included Burghley (Secretary of State), Hatton (Lord Chancellor) and Walsingham (in charge of intelligence and also a Secretary of State).

Elizabeth's 45-year reign is generally considered one of the most glorious in English history. This era saw many brave voyages of discovery, including those of Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh and Humphrey Gilbert, particularly to the Americas. These expeditions prepared England for an age of colonization and trade expansion, which Elizabeth herself recognized by establishing the East India Company in 1600.

The arts flourished. Country houses such as Longleat and Hardwick Hall were built, miniature painting reached its high point, theaters thrived - the Queen attended the first performance of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Composers such as William Byrd and Thomas Tallis worked in Elizabeth's court and at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace.

The image of Elizabeth's reign is one of triumph and success. The Queen herself was often called 'Gloriana', 'Good Queen Bess' and 'The Virgin Queen'.

Investing in expensive clothes and jewelry, she cultivated this image by touring the country in regional visits known as 'progresses', often riding on horseback rather than by carriage.

Elizabeth chose never to marry. If she had chosen a foreign prince, he would have drawn England into foreign policies for his own advantages (as in her sister Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain); marrying a fellow countryman could have drawn the Queen into factional infighting. Elizabeth used her marriage prospects as a political tool in foreign and domestic policies.

Overall, Elizabeth's always shrewd and, when necessary, decisive leadership brought successes during a period of great danger both at home and abroad.

She died at Richmond Palace on 24 March 1603, having become a legend in her lifetime.
The date of her accession was a national holiday for two hundred years.


Media and Events

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The Artist

I thoroughly enjoy designing and I love working with the textiles and creating the accessories. Everything from choosing the fabrics and trims, the painting, accessories, photography, the web site - everything right down to the story I usually create is the best time I could imagine having.

After living all over the United States, I now live in Northern California and work on my dolls full-time.

Past experience with theater costuming, set design, porcelain fashion doll design, miniatures (dolls, rooms/buildings) and writing, have all melded into a wondrous realm of learning and sharing with new friends.

I feel very lucky to be able to do those things I love, not to mention the fringe benefits of getting to know so many kindred spirits.

I believe my collectors are looking for a way to own their dreams, to physically see their secret side. Frequently, someone else's dream sparks something in me and that leads to another new frontier. Collectors often inspire me with unique requests or simply by being there. The fact that others enjoy what I enjoy creating is unbelievably rewarding.

I now begin a new chapter in my life. It is a an exciting chapter and even though it can be terrifying at times, I am determined to enjoy the process - for in truth - the new chapter is a dream come true.

My world is a magical place where almost anything can happen and often does.

It’s a place where dreams and fantasies take physical shape.

It’s a world only dimly imagined - as if from within a deep sleep or from a past life.

I want to recreate all I imagine in exquisite detail.

My world is too much to absorb in one visit, so I hope you will return again and again. My dream is becoming a reality.
A series of explorations, discoveries and coincidences have taken me to far away lands
- full circle -
and back again to the things I love most.

I will reveal the details of this journey as they become clear to me.
So much is happening all at once now, I almost fear to blink...lest I miss something.


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The Studio

Crawford Manor Dolls is now in a charming, fairly remote spot just north of Napa
about two hours from San Francisco, the ocean, the mountains and
of course - Wine Country.

After much testing we are very pleased with the resin quality and color.
The finish is a soft matt with a hint of translucency. The color is also
wonderful. Of course, these dolls are all hand made and very slight variations will
exist. However, we will always try to maintain close color matches within a series
and each series will have the color created to best suit the theme, costume and

All new molds have been created.

From Kitchen Table to Real Studio

I will shortly have a place for everything - and everything will be in its place … Be still my heart!

This is almost too much happiness to bear. For the past ten years I have created my dolls at a fabulous old maple topped octagonal table in the bay window of my kitchen. The light is marvelous and I have a handy source of water, not to mention food and my music and desk are within arm's reach. This has suited me well but as much as I love my kitchen, it was brought to my attention that I really need to have a real, honest to goodness studio.

So the hunt is on for the perfect space and my dear companion Papillon, Marnie and I will have to join the ranks of commuters... something I have happily done without for the same said ten years and have not missed at all. There is a lot to be said for commuting in one's slippers. But, I am reminded yet again, I must rethink my creative space and grow along with my company. To encourage me along the way is the vision of a photography studio, shipping desk, ample storage and larger and more accommodating work surfaces.

All of this will truly be wonderful. My mind still dwells on the dreaded commute, but I console myself with the belief that some of that "down time" will help foster brilliant new ideas and I will be able to find my supplies without having to play Rubik's Cube with the storage boxes in the guest room closet. It is an 8'x8' walk-in space and the boxes are stacked almost to the ceiling. Well, at least my upper body strength has benefitted from the maneuvers required to get at that perfect length of fabric.

Just think of it! A real studio! My cup runneth over indeed!


Previous Work

Where it all began I suppose ... My previous work …
From the original homepage of Crawford Manor one could journey through many lands and historical periods.
Many popular vinyl and resin dolls have been used in the past creation of the OOAK’s seen on the Crawford Manor site.
They were the canvas for original re-paints, wigs, costumes and accessories.
Occasionally, historically accurate styles blended with fantasy.
Often a small story accompanied the doll.
That little world reflected my imagination, perhaps romantic spirit and sometimes, a sense of mystery.
I have included just a few of those dolls here. I feel it is important to remember how one begins a journey.
I am now realizing a dream and will focus on the new .. without losing sight of what came before ...


Web Design, Photography and 1:12 Scale Miniature Vignettes by Cheryl Crawford
Tyler Wentworth® and Friends Are Registered Trademarks of the Robert Tonner Doll Company.
The Artist Is in No Way Affiliated With Any Doll Company
These Dolls Were Simply Used As Canvas For My Previous Work



Over the years I have lovingly offered dolls to be auctioned in order to benefit some of my favorite charities. I have been given so much through the years and I have always been grateful for those opportunities. This will be an ongoing activity and we will participate whenever possible.

Children Affected by AIDS
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
The Shriner's Children's Hospital
Canine Assistants
American Heart Association
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer


Customer Service

To Contact Us

Crawford Manor Dolls
16545 Hacienda Court
Hidden Valley Lake, California 95467-8198 USA

Studio Hours: Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM, PST
By Appointment Only

Customer Service:
Studio: (707) 478-2416


Purchase and Payment Policies

You May Purchase Your "Kindred Spirit" in one of two ways:

We can invoice you through PayPal
Call us at (707) 478-2416 to arrange to send a Check or Money Order.

You may use an existing PayPal account or you may use Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express without an account. Credit card information is only sent via secure encrypted connections, and not stored where it can be accessed via the Internet. Please Note: If you use your PayPal account, we ship only to the confirmed address in PayPal. If you need your shipment to go to a different address, please update your address in PayPal.

We also accept checks and money orders. Checks and money orders can be sent payable to Cheryl Crawford, mailed to:

Cheryl Crawford
Crawford Manor Dolls
16545 Hacienda Court
Hidden Valley Lake, CA 95467-8198

If paying with check or money order, your order will not be shipped until payment has been received and has completely cleared our bank.

We welcome orders from outside of the continental United States, provided the payment is in the form of U.S. Funds, Credit Card or from a verified PayPal account and is shipped to the verified address on that account. Customs fees, local duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. We ship via USPS Express International or UPS International Only. This method allows us to track your doll. Please Contact Us for International Shipping charges.

All dolls are insured for their full value and full value is declared on all customs forms. No Exceptions.

Crawford Manor Dolls reserves the right to refuse an order at any time and for any reason.

We attend several shows and conventions a year and orders may take additional time to ship during our absences.

Please check our Event Schedule or call us at (707) 478-2416 or E-Mail us at: cheryl@crawfordmanor.com to get an estimated delivery date during our convention dates.

Sometimes we accept a Layaway Plan:

Layaways are in Two (2) parts. When the doll is available we divide the total including shipping and insurance into two (2) equal payments. The second payment is due 45 days from the first payment. You may choose to have us automatically charge your credit card at that time or you may ask for a balance due reminder either by E-Mail or by PayPal Invoice. Please Contact Us for Layaway Approval.

Return / Refund Policy

Any problems with shipping including damage or delivery failure, must be reported immediately.

If your package arrives damaged. Please contact us immediately. We will then file a claim for damages with the carrier. Please hold on to the package and all materials until you hear from us. Once the claim is approved we will give you the option of replacing the merchandise or taking a credit. Please inspect all packages immediately and report damages within 3 days of receipt. Any damages reported after 3 days may not be able to be resolved.

Please understand Crawford Manor Dolls is not responsible for damages during shipment. We understand these incidents sometimes do occur and we will make every effort to rectify the situation. Several parties may be involved in this process so we ask you to have patience and to work with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

All sales become final after 15 days.

For undamaged dolls, we will offer a refund (excluding shipping, and a $50.00 handling fee) if you call us within 5 business days after the doll is received. We will issue a return authorization. Shipping costs will not be refunded. You will be responsible to ship and insure the item to be returned. The package and doll must be in its original condition. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and handling costs. If the contents have been removed or altered in any way no refund will be issued and the package will be returned to you. Refunds for properly approved returns will process within 10 business days of receipt of returned package.

Please be assured that we stand behind our work and we will help you in any way we can. We want you to be happy with your new “Kindred Spirit”.



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be Notified of your New Edition Releases?

Just send an email. When the Artist's Proof is completed, you will be notified and given a link to a private "Preview Page". Photographs, a complete description and LE size as well as all other information will be on that page.

How do I Reserve an available "Kindred Spirit"?

If you wish to reserve an available "Kindred Spirit", simply click on the "Reserve" Button on her page to send an email, call us at (707) 478-2416. All Reservations are on a "First Come" basis. Remember, the Editions are quite small.

Do you accept Private Commissions?

Time Permitting - We do accept special commissions.

We can discuss any ideas you may have and once we work out the details, we can give you a price quote. If the price is acceptable and you decide to go ahead, at the time of deposit we can give you a good idea how long the commission will take to complete. This will be an approximate time frame and may need to be slightly modified but we do try to give as close an estimate as we can. A non-refundable $200.00 deposit will place the commission on the schedule. We will keep you updated on the doll's progress. Once the doll is completed we will prepare a special page for your viewing and approval. Payment in full is due upon completion and approval. There is no payment plan available for commissioned works.

Insured domestic shipping will be calculated when we know the final price and shipping address. International Shipping is calculated based on the address and we only ship Express Mail (EMS) or UPS International. It is worth the additional charge for safety and tracking. We place the full insured value on the customs forms. No Exceptions.

We do our best to create what is envisioned so please feel free to discuss your ideas in as much detail as you wish. We are happy to accommodate your wishes as much as we are able and still maintain our artistic freedom.

What happens if I cancel my Layaway or Order?

We do consider Layaways to be final sales. All payments are non-refundable. However, we will issue a credit toward a future purchase, to be used within 12 months. If you cancel your initial order within 2 business days we will refund your payment, less any bank charges or fees.

What is your Return Policy?

If you experience problems with shipping including damage or delivery failure, please reported this immediately: Please call us at (707) 478-2416 or E-Mail Us

For undamaged dolls, we will offer a refund (excluding shipping, and a $50.00 handling fee) if you call us within 5 business days after the doll is received. We will issue a return authorization. Shipping costs will not be refunded. You will be responsible to ship and insure the item to be returned. The package and doll must be in its original condition. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and handling costs. If the contents have been removed or altered in any way no refund will be issued and the package will be returned to you. Refunds for properly approved returns will process within 10 business days of receipt of returned package.

How much are Shipping Charges?

Insured domestic shipping will be calculated when we know the final price and shipping address. International Shipping is calculated based on the address and we only ship FedEx Ground or FedEx International. It is worth the additional charge for safety and tracking. We place the full insured value on the customs forms. No Exceptions.

What are your Business Hours?

Our Studio is open Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM, Pacific Standard Time. We are closed Saturday and Sunday and Major Holidays. However we do check our E-Mail and phone messages and will return urgent calls. So please feel free to call or write if you are experiencing a problem that simply can't wait until our next business day hours.

What does Limited Edition mean?

A Crawford Manor Dolls Limited Edition is produced up to a pre-determined number. This number may vary from an Ultra Limited Edition of 2-5 to a more normal Limited Edition (LE) of 10. The LE number may be determined by the available fabrics and materials or it may be based on other factors. The Creative Director makes the final decision. Once the edition limit has been reached, production for that edition ends. Upon occasion, One of a Kind Dolls (OOAK's) will be available and Ultra Editions based upon Special Commissions may also be offered. All Limited Edition dolls are numbered. An Artist Proof Doll is created for each Limited Edition and is signed as such. The Artist reserves the right to offer an Artist Proof Doll at some future date.

Why does an item look different on my computer?

Our "Kindred Spirits" are hand made and there may be a slight difference from one to the next. In addition, small variations in photography, lighting and computer monitors will also affect an item's appearance and color.

What Is A Ball Jointed Doll (BJD)?

A ball-jointed doll a doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. They can be cast in polyurethane resin or other materials and the parts are strung together with an elastic cord or other stringing mechanism. They can be realistically styled or fantasy based and they range in size from about 60 centimeters (24 in) to 40 cm (16 in) for the mini dolls. Some of the tiniest are as small as 10 cm (4 in). The BJD can often be customized with interchangeable eyes and wigs.

The Process - Our "Kindred Spirits"

An original sculpt is created using wax. When the design is finalized, a mold is created and an initial casting is done. Then another mold is created from which the production model parts are created. Multiple parts can then be cast in resin. Our cured resin has a hard, smooth, porcelain-like feel, but is less brittle and has a warm, slightly translucent quality. Our dolls are cast as solid resin then drilled to allow for stringing. The head is slightly hollowed to allow access for setting the eyes and anchoring the body cords. The head-cap is held in place with magnets. The resin is then cleaned, sanded, assembled and strung. The body is blushed and the face is painted and sealed, lashes applied and eyes set. The wigs, eyes, costumes and accessories are designed for each edition and are hand crafted with great attention to detail and quality.

How do I care for my "Kindred Spirit"

The fact that resin oxidizes (slightly discolors) is a natural aging process and should be considered normal. We do suggest the following:

Always handle with clean hands.
Practice handling your BJD.
Do not force a joint.
Handle gently. Especially the hands and fingers.
To aid in dressing your doll and to protect the fingers, cut the corner from a small plastic bag and slide over the hands. This will help to prevent delicate fingers from catching on the clothing.
Use only a slightly dampened soft rag to gently clean your doll.
Use only a soft dry cloth to dust the face.
Never use cleansers or soap and water on the painted areas.
Do not display in direct sunlight.
Do not store in extreme heat or cold.
Avoid touching the face.
Never use markers, sprays such as hairspray, nail polish or other human products on the doll.
Dress the doll on a clean soft surface such as a towel.
Prevent falls by using the stand or props.
Children and pets can pose a hazard to your doll.

To prevent clothing stains: Remove unlined, dark clothing and accessories when not on display. We make every effort to line the parts of a costume that will be in close contact with the resin but remember to check your doll often for stains. Please contact us prior to attempting to remove stains. Please remember even gentle abrasives can damage the seal coat.

We are only a phone call or an E-Mail away and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

If dust is an issue, we recommend dropping a dry cleaning bag, cut to length over the doll and vignette. It can be whisked away at any time. We offer a free re-stringing and body part replacement service. Round trip postage would be your responsibility. If body parts need to be replaced, there will be a charge for the parts used.

We hope you found the answer to your question but, if not, please feel free to Contact Us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.


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