Tyler As Christine Daae - The Wedding Gown
"Broadway's Phantom Of The Opera"
A Charity Auction Doll To Benefit
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Metro Dolls Luncheon 2008

Tyler And Alice As "Wendy's Secret"
Charity Auction Dolls To Benefit
"The American Heart Association"
Metro Doll's - Metro Style Luncheon
September 10. 2006
"Go Red For Women"
- In Very Special Memory Of Tracy Smith -

Carrie As Missa Li "The Legend of Missa Li"
Missa Was Honored To Have Won
First Place In The Deadwood Category
Judges's Choice
At The Tonner Fashionation Convention
Denver 2006

Tyler In Gala Evening - First Place
Tyler Gala Category
Voted People's Choice
Tonner Convention 2004

Tyler As "Laura"
My First Tyler Remake 2000

Brenda Starr As A Bride - First Place
Tonner Convention 2004

Morgaine le FayGuinevere

Sydney As Morgaine le Fay And As Guinevere
Please Press Either For Description and Additional Photographs

Guinevere Was Pleased To Be A Charity Auction Doll
To Benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Metro Dolls Luncheon 2005

Ashleigh As
"Belinda In King Charles II Court"

Sydney As
"Diane de Poitiers"

Ashleigh As
"Catherine Valois"

Tyler As
"Victorian Ball Gown"

Cinderella as
"The Love Letter"

UB Tyler as

Tess and Jeremy As
Jamie and Claire Novel Version
"The French Court"

Glinda As
"Southern Belle"

Jane as
"Anne of Britain"

Jane and Marley
"Today and Forever"
A Victorian Vignette

Glinda In
"Riding To The Hounds"

Angelina As

Sydney In
"Ghostly Masquerade"

Kit As
"Juliet's Ghost"

Sydney As Sidonie
"a la Versailles"


Lana Lang And Basil St. John In
"Phantom of the Opera"

Sydney As

Ashleigh and Riley
"Marie Antoinette at the Petite Trianon"

Angelina In
"Original Sin"

Sweetheart As
"Marie Antoinette"

Suzette As
"Joan Of Kent"

Daphne and Prince Charming
"Jamie and Claire"
Outlander Novel Version

Cinderella As "Rebecca"

The Royal Court of Louis XV

Jane As
"Elizabeth Of York"

Lady Oz As
"Anne Boleyn"

Sydney As
"Elizabeth I"

Sean As
"The Dandy"

Cinderella As
"Anne of Austria"

Sydney As
"Eleanor of Aquitaine"

Tyler As "Emma"

Angelina As "The Gypsy Nataraja"

Tyler As The Pirate "Maddie Flynn"

Brenda Starr As
"Princess Louise Maria Of Baden"

Sydney As "Sanguinea"

Sydney As The Gypsy "Natasha"

Glinda As "Honora"

Brenda Starr As "Anna Karenina"

Sydney As "La Promenade"

Glinda As "Honora"

Sydney Chase As "Winter"
From Les Saisons - by Alphonse Mucha
First In The Series Of Four

Ashleigh As "Spring"
From Les Saisons - by Alphonse Mucha
Second In The Series Of Four

Sweetheart As "Summer"
From Les Saisons - by Alphonse Mucha
Third In The Series Of Four

Celebration As "Fall"
From Les Saisons - by Alphonse Mucha
Fourth In The Series Of Four

Brenda Starr As "Desire

Tyler As "Wind Dancer"
Trent As "Captain Wilde"

Basil St. John As Phantom of the Opera
- Red Death Masquerade -

Glinda As Eugenie Marie de Montijo
Empress of France
Wife of Napoleon III

Sydney As Amelia - Regency Ball

Brenda Starr As Jacqueline - Masquerade Ball

Sydney As - Charlotte
Victorian Ballgown - circa 1880

Ashleigh As Shakespeare's Juliet

Ashleigh - Carnival In Venice

Sweetheart As Morgan le Fay

Meg - "Me Darlin"

Daphne As Grace

Jane As Edwina
- A Little Summer Magic -

Basil St. John
- Captain James Hook -

Jac As Madelaine
"New Orleans - circa 1805"

Sydney Chase As Delphine
"Country French"

Verushka - "The Gypsy In My Soul"

Tyler Wentworth As Nefertari

Tyler Wentworth As
Mary - "Queen of Scots"

Sydney Chase As Vivienne
"Of The Arthurian Legend"

Brenda Starr As Elizabeth Bennet
"Pride and Prejudice"

Tyler As - "Sissi"
Elizabeth - Empress of Austria

Sydney As Angelique
"The Comtesse de Peyrac"

Basil St. John As Joffrey
"The Comte de Peyrac"

Sydney As Christine Daae
"Phantom of the Opera"

Mei Li - "The Lotus"

Tyler As Portia - "A Pirate Lass"

Tyler and Matt - As Faya and Ahmed
"Arabian Nights"

Tyler As Fiona - "Fiona's Choice"

Matt As Gareth - "The Rogue"

Jac As Mala - "Hindi For Necklace"

Tyler As Damaris

Tyler As The Gypsy Tarsia
"The Gypsy Bird"

Tyler As Wakelyn - "The Sea Witch"

Sydney As Gwendolyn
"The Sweet Sorrow"

Sydney As Melisande - "The Merlyn"

Tyler As Elizabeth I
"The Virgin Queen"

Brenda Starr In - "White Ice"

Audra - "The Black Diamond"

Olivia - "The Companion"

Moira - "Victorian Promenade"

Sydney As Ruby West

Tazi - "Sands of the Soul"

Sydney Chase
As Shakespeare's "Ophelia"

Alexandra - "Victorian Elegance"

22" Tonner Model As Daryl

Celebration As Sharon Janny den Adel
Lead Singer - Dutch Symphonic Metal Band
- Within Temptation -

- Tyler As Lealana -

Sydney As - "Cecille"

Tyler In
"Ever After Royal Court"

Tyler In - "Highland Fling"

Tyler As Anne Boleyn
"Second Wife To Henry The Eighth"

Tyler As The Gypsy Natasha

Sydney As - Gothique Odile -
"Moulin Rouge"

Sydney As Maddie
"Victorian By The Sea"

Gene - Cast In Bronze
First Place Blue Ribbon - Gene Convention 2002
For Division II - Professional Category B
Costumed Repaint - Evening Wear

Gene as Sylvia - "In Harper's Bazaar 1894"
Repaint by Amy Harmon
of Amy Louise Originals
Costume And Accessories
By Cheryl Crawford

Trent - Sir Percy "Scarlet Pimpernel"
First Place Blue Ribbon - Gene Convention 2002
For Division II - Professional Category C
Costumed Repaint - Movie Roles

Gene And Trent As "Madam e Monsieur"
a la Rococo

Gene As Carmella
"The Encounter"
My Second Gene Re-Make - 2002

Gene As "The Chanteuse"
Hollywood Ahoy
Live Auction - City of Angels Ballet

Gene as Delia - "In Autumn Leaves"
Was Honored And Thrilled
To Receive:
First Place
Three Judge's Awards
The "People's Choice" Award
At The 2004 Gene Convention

The New FR Gene as Roxanne
The 2006 Gene Convention Charity Auction
To Benefit "Canine Assistants"

Gene as

Gene As "Matilda and Sweetpea"

Lady Jane - "circa - 16th Century

Glorianna "Queen Elizabeth I"

Catarina "Carnival In Venice"

Monique du Montand
"The Envy Of The Court"

Mary Poppins

Melissa - "A Modern Bride"

Arabella - "The Last Waltz"

Georgette - "The Betrothal"

Marguerite - "The Scarlet Pimpernel"

Lavinia - "The First Waltz"

Angelique de Sance
"Angelique And The King"

Lady Margaret
"Victorious or Vanquished"

"The Hibiscus"

Claire - "Moonlight On The Terrace"

Katiana - "The Tattered Beauty"

Catherine The Great
"Empress Of All Russia"

Julia - "Lady With A Past"